Susy Kirk by Carlo Rocchi Bilancini, from Pesci fuor d'acqua, 2011



Susy Kirk graduated with a First Class Honours degree in 3D Design from Bath Academy of Art in 1981, having completed her foundation year at St Martins School of Art. She then exhibited both her ceramics and textiles in London, Switzerland and Australia before teaching at the National Art School of Papua New Guinea.  

Her creative space ‘EKleKtiK’ is a memory-bank of books, artefacts and paintings gathered over 30 years spent living in Papua New Guinea, Laos, Thailand, Nepal, Bhutan and Italy.

The dazzling colours and patterns seen in coral-reef fish, Asian textiles, folk-art embroideries and tropical flora and fauna are evoked and remembered by hand painting these filtered fragments on diaphanous silk chiffon and fine wool. The scarves and shawls are then hand-finished.